23 April 2016

Ladder and Grid

Presentation of Y1 Design Studios

It is a pleasure to invite you to join a Saturday event entitled “Ladder and Grid” organised by the first year coordinators at INDA (International Program in Design and Architecture) and the Department of Architecture, CU. This event is to present the design results of two different studios that are both developing a habitat from an infrastructure of residential blocks, 12 blocks in a framework of a 600 m-long “ladder” at INDA and 16 blocks in a “grid” of 320×320 sq.m. at the Department of Architecture.

“Neighbours” is the first year design studio brief of INDA. Over the course of 9 weeks, students are in the process of designing a neighbourhood over a subsequent set of regulatory and spatial interventions. Comprising 12 blocks, and 100 habitats, the project allows students to perform simultaneously as a designer and composer of their project. “The Neighbour” as such is framed within the proximities of inhabitable space as well as the collaborative process of design through constructed drawings and scenarios.

“My home and My Neighbour” is the first year design studio brief of the Department of Architecture. Within a limited time of 4 weeks, students are required to develop a master plan and the individual habitat that expresses their ideas concerning “shared spaces”: communal bathhouse, vegetable gardens, kitchen, dining areas, etc. Each group of approximately 10 students works with a plot of 60×60 sq.m. land that has 3 designated accesses and a field of planted trees in 3×3 sq.m. grid. Together with the neighbours, students initiate their own programmes.

9.00 am Introduction to “Ladder and Grid”
9.15 am Presentations by INDA students
10.15 am Exhibition of Models
10.45 am Presentation of Arch Dept students
11.45 am Closing comments
12.00 am End of the event

Place: Do Visual Lab, 2.5 Floor, Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University